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It is not only that we have in-house experts that you benefit from, but we always use our network to grow the basis on which we make recommendations. We cultivate a good relationship with our experts so we can always count on their input and we grow together with them, whether at in-house trainings or common research projects. As the internet is a complex phenomenon, diversity in the fields of proficiency is a powerful resource.

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Much depends on the ability to make an assessment and realistic predictions. Besides knowing the facts, one must avoid all biases that can come up in the thinking process. We employ psychologists and we use procedures specifically to avoid the trap of unsound judgment. We also specifically employ skeptics, to make sure we base our assessment on sound arguments. This way we can keep our support within the limits of the workable and useful.

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Nosotros adaptamos el software a las necesidades de su empresa y no viceversa, but also in seeing where one can form a new path. Once more we employ professional help from psychologists to boost our creative problem solving skills and find those solutions you would have never found. Having someone with another approach look at your problem, is a good way to find a new angle for an innovative solution. Therefore we in turn look to form a team that can drive innovation into your problem solving challenge.

Estamos muy contentos con el trabajo de VITRUZ, muy profesionales y siempre brindandonos la mejor asesoria para el manejo de nuestros productos.

Natalia Corzo, AVANT

Durante un significativo tiempo, hemos trabajado juntos con Vitruz para crear proyectos en linea acertados.

Sebastian Lopez, Bogota


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