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Dentsmile is a premium dental health provider who approached us with the challenge to use the internet in order to drive more customers from other countries into the clinic. Our goal was to establish Dentsmile on the dental tourism market of Europe. Today foreign patients represent a significant part of the revenue of Dentsmile.

The difficulty in the project was creating a strategy that would address several different countries, some of them very different in terms of culture and internet usage (ex. Italy and Germany). By creating a general plan with several micro-strategies for each country, we consolidated the position of Dentsmile on these markets.

Alongside the foreign patients, our strategy has increased the number of local patients by 35% in 8 months. Today, after more than 2 years, we are working with Dentsmile on securing this online position.

Estamos muy contentos con el trabajo de VITRUZ, muy profesionales y siempre brindandonos la mejor asesoria para el manejo de nuestros productos.

Natalia Corzo, AVANT

Durante un significativo tiempo, hemos trabajado juntos con Vitruz para crear proyectos en linea acertados.

Sebastian Lopez, Bogota


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