Curriculum Vitae

elegant professional resume

The goal was to create a resume design for applying to a management position. In the busy executive search market we had to make anyone understand what the applicant stood for, creating what is known as personal branding.

We used a combination of a regular resume concept and infograph elements and we integrated ad-like elements, but without exaggerating.

The resume was distributed to a selection of executive search consultants via post in a special envelope, along a letter which also had an individual design to underline the whole concept. In order to allow recruiters to further distribute the CV, a microsite was created from where the CV could be downloaded.

The reaction from the target audience was one of surprise and in the end the applicant was proposed a number of positions.

Estamos muy contentos con el trabajo de VITRUZ, muy profesionales y siempre brindandonos la mejor asesoria para el manejo de nuestros productos.

Natalia Corzo, AVANT

Durante un significativo tiempo, hemos trabajado juntos con Vitruz para crear proyectos en linea acertados.

Sebastian Lopez, Bogota


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